Millennium Packaging, Inc. is an independent, full service distributor of industrial/commercial packaging and shipping materials. With almost 25 years of experience in this field, we have the seasoning, competence, and talent to fulfill any packaging requirement.

The main thrust of our business is boxes and corrugated materials of any kind. From stock boxes to 6-color printed, custom designed cartons, no run is too small or too large--from a bundle of stock boxes, to a 100-piece order of printed cartons, right through to 50,000 litho mounted die cut displays!

We especially enjoy the challenge of designing the proper shipping or retail container for your specific and unique needs!

Additionally, we sell for well-recognized names of other shipping and packaging materials. We've been selling stretch film since 1982! Our in-stock access includes all sizes, gauges, and types. Conventional and pre-stretched hand wrap sizes range from 3" to 20" and machine wrap sizes range from 20" through 70".

Shrink films have been a big part of our line since 1985. We stock several different PVC, polyolefin, and polyethylene films and can custom extrude if necessary.

We also stock carton-sealing tapes of every need. Pressure sensitive polypropylene (in clear, tan, and colors), filament, masking, PVC, and PP strapping can be shipped next day!

Other materials and products include bubble wrap, peanuts, packing list envelopes, janitorials, and safety products and strapping.

We are committed to our relationships with our customers, vendors, and employees. Customer satisfaction is not enough; we strive to create relationships through excellent performance.
Vendor List
We are happy to include a list of some of our vendors. We are proud of our relationship with them. They help to complete & maintain the line of service from raw materials to our end users package. Below is a cross-section of some of our most valued suppliers:
AEP Industries
Astro Plastics
Atlantis Plastics
Crescent Trading
Decker Tapes
Delta Corrugated
Glue Dots International
Gordon Paper
Inflatable Packaging Corp.
Inner Pac, Inc
Keystone Paper & Box
Paragon Stretch Films
Quality Carton
Sealed Air
Sigma Stretch Films
Sutherland Packaging
Smurfitt-Stone Container
Tape Printers, Inc