Stretch film is actually the first shipping/packaging material we sold. We began in 1982 selling for one manufacturer and stocking only a few pallets. Today, we sell for several nationally recognized mills, including AEP, Atlantis, Sigma, Paragon, and Interplast.

Our stock access includes any and all sizes, gauges, and resin blends. From 3" 80 gauge banding through conventional and specialty hand wraps and machine applied films up to 70" widths.
Stretch wrap is one of those areas that many of our competitors consider a commodity "me too" sale. We look at it a bit differently. Since we have been involved with stretch wrap virtually from its infancy, we've come to understand the nuances of applying the correct film to the specific requirement. Whether you need one case or one truckload, the key to use the proper size, type and gauge. We can guide you through the haze of gauges vs. microns, cast vs. blown, hand wrap vs. the economies of machine applied films. There is no minimum order and we guarantee next day delivery of most products. Call or email us to discuss your specific need or for an immediate quote.
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